Law in Málaga specialists Liability.

Damage Falls right on the street or Public Establishments

The City Council has an obligation to take care of the streets and fix the flaws that exist in it, if you have been a victim of a fall in the street by a malfunction can claim compensation for the damage suffered.

Tort Law Work Accident

Our team of lawyers specializing in accidents in Malaga will advise you on the steps to follow if you have had an accident. We work with the best team of medical experts who will assess the damage to claim compensation due or because they have not taken the necessary measures job security.

Health Law – Medical Negligence

Our law firm is made up of lawyers specializing in health law, so we can advise you on the procedures to follow if you have been a victim of medical negligence by a public or private hospital. We work with a team of medical experts that will help us prove the existence of negligence and assess the bodily harm suffered.

Purchase – Sale of Defective Products

In case you purchase a defective product know may be sued for the full amount or to occur by the repair. Our law firm specializes in Malaga in the claim for the purchase of defective products.

Need help or advice?

If you have suffered a fall in the street, we will advise the best way always looking out for their interests.