Civil Law

Law Office in Málaga specialists in civil law.

Horizontal Property and construction defects arising from the LOE. Since our law firm in Malaga will advise on the rules regulating how a property and the relationship between the owners is divided.

Urban leases: Evictions Procedures (incomes, precarious) Our team of lawyers specializing in rentals, review your lease agreements and advise if you have any problems to reach an agreement with your tenant or the landlord.

Claims for payment. Our law firm in Malaga study your case and advise you on ways that you can follow to claim the amount Deden him.

Domain records regarding the inmatriculación of real estate. The record is substance in the form of notarial act, but not for notoriety. It is basically an act of notification and incorporation of documents and statements. It can be used for matriculated full ownership of an estate or undivided share thereof.

Possessory interdicts and industrial action domain. To exercise the action domain is required to be of good private owner and found of possession of that good. Our attorneys will advise if this is the case.

Drafting of all types of contracts and advice on them. Purchases, leases, easements, pledges, deposits, etc.

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