Criminal law and Gender Violence

Law Firm in Malaga specialists in criminal law and Gender Violence.

Criminal law

The team of Criminal Law Attorneys Antonio Lora has a high degree of expertise and extensive professional experience in defending the interests of our customers, natural and legal persons proceedings under criminal law.

Loans pre-litigious prevention services or advice, before the allocation occurs or to previous actions by regulatory bodies or public administrations, as well as procedural strategy once started it. In this sense, we assist our clients throughout the legal process, exercising the legal representation and leadership at all levels in defense of their rights of defense, private prosecution or civil liability where appropriate.

Our Law Firm has extensive experience in criminal offenses.

Economic crimes

Crimes of injuries

Crimes against freedom

Crimes against family rights and duties

Crimes against property

Crimes related to intellectual property

Crimes against road safety

Urban crime

Complaints and disputes

Trials of minor offenses

Civil liability for the crime

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