Traffic Accident

Law Firm in Malaga specialists traffic accident victims.

Antonio Lora Lawyers offer legal advice and judicial and extrajudicial direction in dealing with the accident in question, from the moment you contact us, to demand the relevant compensation to the case against the insurer of the vehicle causing the damage .

For each traffic accidents transacted we have the collaboration of a team of specialists who advise us in those non-legal areas that come into play in traffic accidents, such as engineers specialists Reconstruction of Traffic Accidents, and Physicians for the assessment of injuries and bodily harm appraisers.

The fees of our office will correspond to a percentage of their final compensation, not having to pay any amount the customer previously. Moreover, in most cases, the insurance policy will cover your vehicle, wholly or in part, the costs of our intervention. In this process of claim also we take care of us.

Need help or advice?

If you have suffered a traffic accident, we will advise the most appropriate way always looking out for their interests.